About Judy Dekel

I am very influenced by the forms, shapes and colors in nature, and bring these elements into my work. City structures, and in particular the older and more ancient formations due to my prior studies in Judaica, will almost always find their way into my images. Sometimes one has to look hard to find them, but their influence is surely there. 

 I majored in all aspects of Fine Art Printmaking, Photography, Art History and Art Education. My main emphasis was in Etching, Lithography and Silk Screen. In recent years I developed a great interest in making Monoprints which are one of a kind fine art prints.  This allows me the possibility of combining all of my Printmaking and Photography experiences into a new and expressive form of art making that is quite satisfying and exciting. Watercolor is another medium that I work in constantly, as well as mixed-media-collage.With the advent of Digital Photography, I have been able to incorporate my visual ideas into my artwork.

I am forever challenging myself with new ideas and images which I find all around me, and which I can bring into my work from my past experiences.

Judy Dekel's work has been featured in numerous Juried Shows locally in Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, CA, Malibu and Westwood, CA, and nationally and internationally in New York City, Hawaii, Israel, Korea, Belfast, Ireland.

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